Value = $699
If not available will be substituted for another bike not under 20% of this value. We will attempt to get winners input for all substitutions.  Must have 400 entries. Drawings within 30 Days of the expiration date.
Texas Mountain Biking Adventure
Texas Mountain Biking Ultimate Reward:
Cannonade Mountain Bike
This adventure includes 17 trails in Central and Eastern Texas. These trails were chosen based upon ratings by experienced riders.
If you Choose this Adventure,   instantly after purchase you will receive a downloadable File Database that includes the Challenges and their links to MAPS of all 17 trails. You only need to ride SEVEN of them to complete this Adventure become an "Achiever".  
You will also receive detailed instructions how to complete the adventure and provide proof. 
You earn 10 POINTS for successful completion of EACH of the trails you ride!
 Expiration Date: 11/30/2013
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the Cannondale Trail 29er 5 hardtail mountain bike features a comfortable, stable ride and capable component package to get you going.