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How Do I Get Started?

When is the Sweepstakes Drawing?

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How Do I Become an Adventurer?

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Follow the Special instructions of your adventure.
After verfication by us that you successfully completed the challenge you will earn 10 points to trade in for cool stuff or save for something bigger!
We will email you confirmations and updates of your accumulated reward points.
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What is the difference between a "Challenge" and an "Adventure"?

We call a "Challenge" one leg or segment of an adventure. You will earn 10 points for each Challenge you complete.

An "Adventure" is made up of several challenges.

Why Do I want to Become an Adventurer?

Here may be some reasons why:
 Each adventure is separate and has its own Sweepstakes Drawing. There is a minimum number of entrants in order to distribute the Sweepstakes.  The drawings will take place within 30 days after the Adventure expires. All paid entrants for the corresponding adventure will be entered!

Family or Individual?

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Family (Group) is a cheaper option if there are more than three people and each person prefers to be a separate unit to earn points and be entered into the sweepstakes. Groups can consist from 2 to 10 people.
Individuals can consist of one person or more. However it will only be considered as ONE unit. For example it can be John Smith the individual or the Smith Family.

How do I earn points?

Read Terms and Conditions
Read Assumption of Risk Agreement 
1) Choose your Adventure
 2) Go to the Checkout.
3) After you make your purchase you will immediately be able to download a Zip File with information about all the challenges within the adventure.
4) Follow the Instructions.
5) Submit/Email the proof (ie. photos) outlined in your instructions to us.

6) After the Required Materials have been verified you will earn 10 points for each challenge.
7) You can request items for points or bank them for later.